Work-Life Balance Specialist and Time Management Trainer


For over twenty years, Tim Kehl has helped business and career professionals lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives.  The return on investment for sponsoring organizations is more loyal, engaged and productive employees.


Tim combines his extensive experience as a wellness counselor with masterful presentation skills to create speeches, workshops and seminars that are informative, entertaining and inspiring.


He identifies the major stressors at work and at home and then provides proven strategies for managing them. Tim believes,“Real change comes about when people are given tangible tools and actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately to bring about transformation and growth.”


In-House Training

When he is not on the speaking platform, Tim regularly conducts in-house workshops and training seminars. He is a popular presenter who is known for his relevant content, interactive teaching methods and knack for creating a relaxed and supportive learning environment.


Popular Presentations

Descriptions available upon request.


  • “Turning the Life You Live Into the Life You Love”
  • “Taking Control of Your Time and Your Life”
  • “Living with Less Stress and More Success”


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