Professional Speaker


For over twenty years Tim Kehl has helped business and career professionals lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. The return on investment for sponsoring organizations is more loyal, engaged and productive employees.


Tim combines his extensive experience as a wellness counselor with masterful presentation skills to create client-tailored speeches and seminars which are informative, entertaining and inspiring.


Known for his strong content, real-life success stories and engaging humor, Tim presents proven strategies and practical tips that MOVE PEOPLE TO ACTION. Participants walk away with tangible ideas that can be implemented immediately to balance their lives, increase their health, and boost their job performance.


Popular Presentations

Descriptions available upon request


  • "Turning the Life You Live Into the Life You Love"
  • "Taking Control of Your Time and Your Life"
  • "Living with Less Stress and More Success"




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The Benefits


Improved Employee Health


Reduced Stress


Greater Loyalty & Engagement


Less Absenteeism & Turnover


Higher Morale


Increased Productivity



"I was frankly blown away by Tim Kehl's meaty content and masterful performance."
Neil Gleason, Gov't. Research Analyst


"Clear, concise and to the point."
Patrick Motiff, Staff Accountant, Wegner CPAs


"Heartfelt and inspiring, yet filled with enough practical tips to be very useful."
Marcia Gregg, educator

"Give me a speaker's platform and about an hour and I'll have your people living happier, healthier and more productive lives." —Tim Kehl