Tim Kehl Biography


Tim Kehl is a leading work-life balance specialist, time management trainer and wellness counselor. He is also a popular speaker who delivers high content, high energy and high impact presentations.


Tim was at the top of his career when his life came crashing down due to a combination of stress, depression and deteriorating health. He picked himself up and became a student – and then an instructor – of work-life balance.


His mission is to help people from all walks of life achieve both professional success AND personal happiness. Tim provides his listeners with proven strategies and practical tips that can be implemented immediately to increase their health, balance their lives, and boost their productivity.


Tim combines his extensive experience (over twenty years) as a wellness counselor with masterful speaking skills to create keynote speeches and workshop presentations that are educational, entertaining and inspiring. When he speaks, people listen – and THEY ARE MOVED TO ACTION.


He stands out as a speaker because of his relevant content, engaging humor and positive manner. Tim's presentations are consistently characterized as "intelligent," "current," "useful," "witty" and "uplifting."


Tim holds a Bachelors Degree from Elmhurst College and a Masters Degree from Chicago Theological Seminary He lives with his wife Rita in Madison, WI. In his spare time, Tim enjoys the art of storytelling, a skill which he often weaves into his speeches and workshop presentations.